How To Upgrade / Downgrade A Web Hosting Plan?
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How To Upgrade / Downgrade A Web Hosting Plan?

Yuan-Jhen provides an easy and flexible upgrading or downgrading process for website managers that can actively upgrade or downgrade the web hosting plan directly in the client account.

⑴. Log Into Client Account

Log in to the client account , and click on “Services” → “My Services”.

web hosting plans upgraded / downgraded

⑵. Choose the Products / Services That You Want To Upgrade / Downgrade

how to upgrade / downgrade a web hosting plan?

⑶. Execute To Upgrade / Downgrade Web Hosting Package

execute to upgrade / downgrade web hosting package

⑷. Upgrade / Downgrade A Web Hosting Order

ISelect the web hosting plan to upgrade or downgrade, you will see the list of available options in the New Configuration section.

*If you want to switch to the hosting packages or hosting servers that are not shown in the New Configuration list, please contact us by email ([email protected]) with any inquiries.

upgrade / downgrade a website hosting

⑸. Confirm The Web Hosting Plan And Price

Confirm the new hosting order, payment term (monthly/yearly), price are both correct. Select the Payment Method then Click to Continue for Checkout.

how to upgrade / downgrade a shared hosting plan?

⑹. Upgrade/downgrade order confirmation

Click on the link below to go to your invoice to make payment. After the order payment is completed, the system will automatically upgrade/downgrade your web hosting solution.

how to upgrade / downgrade a virtual hosting plan?

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